Cache Valley Business Directory

by Media Perfection, L.C.

351 W 1600 N #D301
Logan, UT 84341
Phone: (435) 760-4344

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About Us

Cache Valley Search, Media Perfection, L.C., is the place to go for the most accurate and up to date information for more than 3,000 businesses that call Cache Valley home. Our goal is to provide a convenient channel for these businesses to highlight their services and to establish an immediate presence on the internet. Unlike traditional hard copy directoriesâ??which have limited space, and cannot be easily updatedâ??Cache Valley Search uses Live Search technology and a clean design to provide rapid access to the most accurate information available. This provides businesses with a more effective platform to share their services and products with the public. Cache Valley Search offers a free, basic listing for all businesses, allowing them to take advantage of the Live Search technology. An upgraded listing provide a more detailed listing, including logo and location images, special incentives and other services. All subscribers will have the option to update their listing, keep content current and accurate. Cache Valley Search is the ultimate source for information and events in the Cache Valley. Want to Stay Updated? Subscribe to Our Newsletter.


Available Listing Plans » Basic
($199/yr or
Business Search
Included in "live search" Accept Accept Accept
Included in "browse by city" listings Accept Accept Accept
Highlighted name in "browse by city" listings Accept
Thumbnail image in "live search" results Accept
Preferred ranking in "live search" results Accept
Business Listing Detail
Photo on Business Listing Accept
Business name Accept Accept Accept
Tagline / slogan Accept
Business Address Accept Accept Accept
Phone Number Accept Accept Accept
Email Address Accept
Website URL (hyperlinked) Accept
Number of keywords per listing 1 5 50
Information Tabs
About Us Accept Accept
Services Accept
Business Hours Accept Accept
Menu Gallery (2 images) Accept
Brochure Gallery (2 images) Accept
Photo Gallery (2 images) Accept
Google Map w/ Driving Directions Accept Accept
Value-Added Services
Business Resource Packet ($200 value) Accept
Photography, scanning, and HTML listing customization ($150 value) Accept
Map for Cache Valley Business Directory
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