Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants

Alan McCombs Authorized Sales Representative

230 S. 800 E.
Hyrum, UT 84319
Phone: (435) 232-5876

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About Us

*WHY DO SCHAEFFER LUBRICANTS HAVE THE ADVANTAGE OVER OTHER LUBRICANTS?* Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. has been producing premium quality lubrication products since 1839, using the highest quality 100% pure paraffin base stocks available, blended with top quality additive packages and proven friction modifiers, such as Moly. Today's mechanical technology demands high quality, cost effective lubrication products to keep your wheels turning and help you reduce fuel costs, improve performance, reduce downtime and repair expense, and extend the life of your car or truck and equipment. *THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR YOUR NEEDS!* Schaeffer's full line of lubrication products will fit the applications you need, from bike chain oil to heavy duty oils and greases for all types of industrial equipment and everything in between. Schaeffer manufactures high quality lubricatons for the food industry as well. Schaeffer products are available in all natural oils, synthetic blends or full synthetics. *WHAT IS MOLY?* Molysulfide (Moly) is a hard grey metal, harder than steel, used in the manufacture of high grade alloy steels for machinery and tools. Moly's melting point is 2165 degrees F. Moly adheres itself to metal by magnetic attraction, plating the metal with a 0.000 to 0.001" (will not sieze a bearing) thick layer of Moly that can only be removed by grinding or normal wear over long time use without replenishing the supply. The boundary lubrication provided by the soluable formulation of Moly used in Schaeffer lubrication products will allow longer oil drain intervals and reduction in use of greases and other lubricants. *If you try it you will never go back!* Learn what the SCHAEFFER ADVANTAGE can do for you!


Retailer in Cache Valley:
Hyrum Tire
150 North 800 East
Hyrum, Utah
Phone 435-245-0468
Also serving Box Elder and Rich counties Wholesale pricing and free delivery to your door available on orders of $300.00 or more! Volume discounts available!


  • Increase fuel economy, Improve performance, Extend oil drain intervals
  • No more dry starting, lubrication is present when you touch the key, no matter the conditions. (up to 80% of the wear that takes place in an engine happens from the time you turn the key until lubrication gets there)
  • Easier starting and better flowability in cold weather
  • High viscosity index provides better high temperature protection
  • Reduced Friction translates into cooler operating temperatures and longer life
  • Get a handle on soot problems in diesel engines
  • Oil analysis program helps you keep better track of what's happening inside your engine or gearbox
  • Add lubricity back to the top of the engine for injectors and Fuel Pumps
  • Greatest cost savings to be found in repairs you don't have to make
  • Farming and Industry have been capitalizing on the advantages to be found in Schaffer Oil products for many years: Test facilities at a well know tire manufacturing company are running their tractors up to 750 hours between oil changes. Many truckers using Schaeffer products are driving 40 to 60,000 miles between oil changes, and 1,000,000 miles and more without major service work on their engines. You can drive your car or pickup 10,000 miles and more between oil changes and extend the engine life of your vehicle!
  • The cost to use Schaeffer lubricants is less than the cost of products you can purchase at any of the chain stores! Why not leave that money in your wallet?
  • Why wait, protect your investment today!
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