Soul Focus Productions

205 West 100 South
Smithfield, Utah 84335
Phone: (435) 764-5526

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About Us

A small multimedia production company based in Smithfield, Utah. Our mission is to create useful digital art for the mind, body and spirit. Founded in 2004 by Chris Lott and Bill Bradbury, Soul Focus Productions is a forward thinking and free-spirited company that has produced a wide range of multimedia projects including commercials, documentaries, language teaching software, VR motion graphics and numerous websites for state and local companies. Soul Focus Productions services include: â?¢ Website Design (Flash, HTML) â?¢ Graphic Design (Photoshop) â?¢ 2D/3D Graphics (AfterEffects) â?¢ FlashVR/QTVR (Flash, VRWorx) â?¢ Camera/ Steadicam Operator (*ask for camera model) â?¢ Audio/Video Production, Editing Services (FinalCut5HD) â?¢ DVD Authoring and Design (DVD Studio) â?¢ Print layout (Illustrator)
Map for Soul Focus Productions
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